Brazilian Bikini Wax Studio 

Services and Products
Waxing Services for HER

 Eyebrows                              $15.00
 Upper Lip
 Sides of face
 Half Arms
 Full Arms
 Hands & Finger knuckles
 Small of Back (female)
 Full Back Wax (female)
 Happy Trail
Basic Bikini (Hair outside the panty line only)
Playboy Bikini (All hair is removed from the labia & "between the cheeks" leaving only a very narrow strip from the top front).

 FrenchBrazilian (Leaving a thin vertical strip of hair from top to bottom- inner labia hair is NOT removed. Hair from "between the cheeks" is removed.

Full Brazilian (All hair is removed, including "between the cheeks".

"Bottoms Up" (surface of buttocks only)
"Between the cheeks"
 Lower leg w/o the knees
 Lower leg w/ knees
 Full Legs
$65.00 to $85.00
 Top of Foot & Toes

Full Body Wax/ Female only:
Toes to Neckline
(Does not include Facial Waxing)
Begins at $220 
Please allow atleast 2.5 Hours


 Eye Brow Tint
 Eyelash Black Tint
 Baby Doll Lash Lift and Black Lash Tint

Products Used:

Waxing: Cirepil & Berodin
Post Wax Products: Cirepil & Tu'el
Skin Care: Decleor Paris
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